How much do you know about the history of peanut butter?

Peanuts and peanut butter

Using peanuts as a food and as a remedy can be traced back to the Aztecs and Incas. Apparently, the Aztecs used a peanut paste to treat tooth pain. Peanut butter was patented for the first time in 1884 in Montreal, by one Marcellus G. Edson. He milled roasted peanuts and mixed them with sugar. In 1895, John Harvey Kellogg – the co-inventor of cornflakes – procured a patent on a peanut flour that he had developed. He was looking to create a nutritious food for hospital patients with no teeth. In 1922, the chemist Joseph Rosefield invented a process which produced a homogenized smooth peanut butter which retained the oil and didn’t let it separate out.